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GPA and Pace Warnings

Degree-seeking students have their academic progress reviewed at the end of each term. This happens regardless of whether or not they receive financial aid.

One Warning Semester for GPA or Pace

You are monitored based on your most recent academic status (undergraduate, second bachelor’s, or graduate) for the semester just ending. You may change majors; however, classes from prior majors are typically included in the calculation.

The first time you fall below the SAP standard for Comprehensive GPA or Pace, you will generally receive a warning and will remain eligible for financial aid.

Being below the SAP standards for two consecutive semesters of enrollment will result in a Hold, making you ineligible for financial aid. For example: if you receive a Pace warning one semester and the following semester meet the Pace standard, yet have a new comprehensive GPA warning, you will be ineligible for financial aid. This is considered two consecutive semesters of violating the SAP Policy standards.

If you have a financial aid warning and any other SAP standards have generated Holds, the Hold will take precedence over the financial aid warning.

No Warning Semester for Max Credit

The first time students are in violation of the maximum credit standard, they will receive a Hold making them ineligible for financial aid. There is no warning period for the maximum credit standard.

If you are a non-degree seeking student who subsequently becomes degree-seeking, you will be monitored for academic progress at the end of your first degree-seeking semester. All SAP eligible credits, including those taken while non-degree seeking, will be included in the review.

Potential Delays in Receiving Aid

If you have a financial aid warning or approved Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals resulting in SAP Academic Plans, you will have a longer delay in receiving funds the following term because all of the previous term grades need to be checked before federal student aid can be released.