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Honors College Roadmap 2023

Register for New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation is your academic and social orientation to Boise State, and where you will register for your first semester of courses. We encourage you to attend an Honors-focused orientation on June 12- 13 or June 22 – 23, but it is not mandatory. Information about the Honors College will be available at all orientation dates. For up-to-date information, please visit the 2023 orientation webpage.

How to Register:

  • You must complete your Intent to Enroll before you apply for on-campus housing and sign up for a New Student Orientation Program. Once admitted students have submitted their Intent to Enroll and received confirmation, they can check their email for a link to log-in with their Boise State username and passphrase from
  • Honors students have priority registration for orientation starting March 14. In order to register, your Intent to Enroll must be complete by March 10. NOTE: If you register on March 14, you must follow the link provided in your email from New Student Orientation. 
  • Choose a program that works with your summer schedule. If it works for your schedule, we recommend attending the honors-focused orientations on either June 12-13 or 22-23.

Attend Orientation

Day One

Attend the Honors Session the first day of orientation to meet other Honors students and receive Honors College specific advising.

Day Two

During course registration, you will enroll in HONORS 198, a required, one-credit course. Most incoming freshman enroll in Sections 001 or 002. After course registration, be sure to have your schedule checked by an honors advisor. Honors staff will be on-hand in the Student Union Building to check schedules and answer questions.

Complete and Submit Honors Forms

The week after you attend orientation, you will receive an email in your BroncoMail from the Honors College with the required Welcome Program forms. Make sure to fill out and submit these forms within a week of receiving them.

Early Move-In

If you are living on campus, you will move in on the morning of Wednesday, August 16. Arrangements for early move-in have been made by the Honors College.

You will receive more information about early move-in (including times and parking) by Friday, July 28.

Wednesday, August 16- Thursday, August 17

Honors Welcome Program

The Honors Welcome Program will run August 16- 17. It is a requirement of HONORS 198 and introduces you to the curriculum, staff, and fellow Honors students. Students must attend the full program. For now, please hold Wednesday 8/16 from 3-10pm and Thursday 8/17 from 8am-8pm. You will receive more information at orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does priority registration for New Student Orientation mean?

This means that if your Intent to Enroll is completed, you will be able to start signing up for New Student Orientation on Tuesday, March 14. This is one day prior to other students.

What if I can’t attend an Honors-focused orientation?

While we highly recommend you attend an Honors-focused orientation, it is not required. The Honors-focused orientations will provide an opportunity for additional Honors specific programming and an opportunity to connect with other Honors students. We anticipate over 80% of our incoming first year cohort will be at these two orientation dates.

Do I have to live in the Honors College residence hall?

No. You can live in any of the residence halls across campus or in off-campus housing. If it works for you, we highly recommend living in the Honors College residence hall, since it will give you easiest access to the Honors community.

Do I have to live in the Honors College residence hall to receive early move-in?

No. All Honors students that are attending the Welcome Program and living on campus will be able to move in on Wednesday, August 16.

How do I arrange early move-in?

You do not need to do anything to arrange early move-in for Wednesday, August 16. The Honors College will coordinate early move-in with Housing.

When should I arrive in Boise for early move-in?

Early move-in begins at 9:00am. If you are traveling from out of town, we recommend that you arrive in Boise Tuesday evening to be prepared to move in Wednesday morning.

What time can I start moving in?

Early move in will start on Wednesday at 9:00am. However, this can vary depending on where you are living on campus. We will send a detailed email at the beginning of August with specific times based on where you are living.

What if I need to move in prior to Wednesday, August 16?

If you need to move in prior to the arranged early move-in date, you will need to contact Housing to arrange an earlier date or visit their Early Arrival Move-In page. You are responsible for all early move-in costs prior to Wednesday, August 16. You can contact Housing at (208) 447-1001 or

What items are allowed in the residence halls?

Check out the Housing website for all information related to move-in and what is allowed in the residence halls! If you have any further questions, you can contact Housing at (208)447-1001 or

Is the Welcome Program required even if I don’t live on campus?

Yes. Attending the Honors Welcome Program on Wednesday and Thursday, August 16-17 is required for all students new to the Honors College. 

Is the Welcome Program just for students? Or are families invited to participate?

The Welcome Program will take place Wednesday, August 16-Thursday, August 17. There will be activities Wednesday night, which parents and other guests are welcomed to attend. Thursday programming is for students only.

What is the Welcome Program?

The Welcome Program is a requirement for all students new to the Honors College. Attending the Welcome Program includes participating in all events, even meal times. The program is designed to inform, challenge, and introduce you to the Honors curriculum and community. Expect to have a lot of fun and to meet a lot of new people at the Welcome Program; however, do not expect a lot of free time. We maximize our time with you by having a full schedule. A detailed schedule will be sent out at the end of July.

What are the Honors Forms?

These are forms we send to you via email after you attend a New Student Orientation to help us prepare for the Welcome Program in August. This is where you will let us know about things like allergies, food restrictions, and t-shirt size!