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Early Arrival Move In

Under approved circumstances, you may move into campus housing up to seven days early. We will be accepting Fall early arrival requests from July 1 through August 9. Early arrival is not available for the Spring semester.

The FAQ below provides lots of helpful information about early arrivals, from application to move-in.

If you’re moving in early as part of a group, team, or organization (such as Athletics or the Honors College), be sure to communicate with them about your early arrival. These groups have specific welcome activities and requirements that you should be aware of.

Early Arrival Move-In FAQ

Approval for Early Arrival

Can I move into on-campus housing before the campus Move-In Day?

With advance approval from the housing office, yes. It requires additional coordination with our team to ensure that your space can be cleaned and prepared for move-in earlier than Move-In Day. Please note that in some situations, we may require you to move into a temporary space if your permanent room isn’t ready yet.

Am I eligible for early arrival?

Early arrival is available for members of the following groups:

  • Athletics
  • Blue Thunder Marching Band
  • College Assistance Migrant Program
  • Honors College
  • International Students

If you are not an approved participant of one of the groups listed above, you may apply for early arrival under the following circumstances:

  • You have a job or internship on campus that requires you to start before Move-In Day
  • You have a compelling reason for needing to be on campus before Move-In Day for which you can provide a detailed explanation and documentation

How do I apply for early arrival?

We will be accepting Fall early arrival requests from July 1 through August 9. Early move-in isn’t available for the spring semester.

If you need to move to campus before Move-In Day, learn how to submit an early arrival request here.

How will I know if I'm approved for early arrival?

You’ll receive an email from us with approval or denial for your early arrival request. If you haven’t received an email from us, your request has not been approved. The email will confirm your approved date for move-in. If you would like an update on your request, please reach out to us at or (208) 447-1001.

We will not be able to move you into your assigned space if you arrive on campus without approval or before your approved early arrival date.

How much does early arrival cost?

There will be a charge of $25 per day added to your student account, from the date you move in until Move-In Day. If you’re moving in early as part of a student organization or team, these fees may be paid for by your sponsoring department. Contact your coach or administrator to confirm whether or not your fees will be covered. You are responsible for the costs of moving in early.

Can I move directly into my permanent housing assignment?

This depends on who is living there currently and how quickly we can prepare the room for your arrival. You may be required to move into a temporary space until your permanent suite and room are ready.

Preparing to Move In Early

What tasks do I need to complete before moving in early?

  1. Review our page on what to bring and what to leave home. Remember that our residence halls are furnished.
  2. Make your first housing payment. If you’re waiting on financial aid disbursement, be sure you’ve completed all outstanding tasks. If you need assistance doing so, contact Financial Aid at (208) 426-1664 or
  3. Check to be sure you’re enrolled in at least 12 credits (this is the minimum to be eligible for on-campus housing).
  4. If you haven’t already done so, visit the Student Union Building to get your Bronco Card from the Info Desk. You’ll need your ID card to access your building.

What should I pack to bring with me? What shouldn't I bring?

While packing, use our What to Bring and What to Leave Home list. Remember that your residence hall is furnished so leave items such as beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers, and mattresses at home. Residence hall spaces are also modest-sized so it’s better to under-pack than over-pack.

You can also access the room measurements for your residence hall on their webpage.

Some items are restricted so be sure to review the list.

When is early move-in for the Honors College and what should I know about it?

First-year students who have been admitted to the Honors College move in on Wednesday, August 14. The Honors College will send you an email with more information about this. For questions, reach out to or (208) 426-1122.

Arriving On-Campus and Moving In

Where do I park when I arrive on campus?

Students arriving before our official Move-In Day are asked to park in designated spaces while moving in (see below). If you block or park in fire lanes, your vehicle will be towed at your expense, so be sure to park only in approved areas. If you have a card that will be on campus with you throughout the year, be sure to visit the Transit Center in the Student Union Building to pick up your parking permit.

Residents of Chaffee, Driscoll, Keiser, Morrison, and Taylor will arrive and park in the West Stadium Parking Lot.

Residents of Honors and Sawtooth will arrive and park in the Lincoln Avenue Garage.

Residents of Lincoln Townhomes will arrive and park in the Townhomes Lot.

Residents of University Square and Suites will arrive and park in the Square West Side Lot or the Square East Side Lot (one may be slightly closer to your building than the other).

Residents of Towers will arrive and park in the Towers Lot.

Where do I check in and get my keys?

Students arriving on campus before our official Move-In Day will check in directly at their community’s main service desk. Those locations are listed below.

ResidenceService Desk Location
Chaffee HallChaffee Service Desk

1421 S Cesar Chavez Ln
Driscoll and Morrison HallsKeiser Service Desk

1663 W Cesar Chavez Ln
Honors College and Sawtooth HallHonors College and Sawtooth
Hall Service Desk

1801 W. University Drive
Lincoln TownhomesTownhome Office

1100 S Lincoln Ave, Boise
Taylor and Keiser HallsKeiser Service Desk

1663 W Cesar Chavez Ln
Towers HallTowers Service Desk

2303 W Cesar Chavez Ln
University SuitesClearwater Suites Service Desk

1309 S. Chrisway Drive
University SquareClearwater Suites Service Desk

1309 S. Chrisway Drive

Can I get help moving in my belongings?

You are welcome to bring friends and family with you when moving in. Because you’re moving in early, we won’t have volunteers and staff available to assist you with moving your belongings.

If you require special accommodations, please contact our office so that we can make the proper arrangements.

Are wheeled carts available?

Yes, we have wheeled carts and wheeled flat “sleds” that can be used to haul your belongings. As move-ins get busier, the availability of carts may be limited but we work as hard as we can to ensure that they’re available as quickly as possible.

If you have a cart or dolly that you can bring with you, we would greatly appreciate you doing so.

If you do borrow a cart, please be sure to return it so that others can use it.

Will the doors to my residence hall be unlocked during move-in?

Because early arrivals happen throughout the month of August, we don’t keep doors to residence halls unlocked. It’s important for you to get your Bronco Card before moving in since it’s how you’ll access your building. There may be a delay in your card activating and our staff can assist you with getting access in the meantime.

After Moving In

What do I do if I have a maintenance issue in my space?

Each community has a service desk that can help with these issues. Swing by and let them know what’s going on and they’ll submit a work order so a member of our maintenance team can come out to help.

I had a package shipped to me before moving in. How do I pick that up?

Normally, you can pick up packages from your service desk but during move-ins, we get so many packages that we set up temporary package rooms. Your RA or service desk staff can direct you to yours. Larger packages will be delivered to your room prior to move-in such as mini-fridges.

Note that our service desks cannot accept packages and mail prior to August 1. Packages delivered to the service desk before this time will be returned to the sender.

What else should I do after moving in?

Be sure to visit the Student Union Building to get your Bronco Card from the Info Desk. You’ll need your ID card to access your building. While you’re there, visit the Transit Center to get your parking permit if you’ll have a vehicle with you on campus this year.

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