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Fate Data

The data represented in these dashboards are referred to as the Fate Data. It presents the enrollment status of a group of undergraduate students for a given fall semester (10th Day) one year later in the following fall semester, among other information. As such, this is not a cohort analysis that follows one set of students over several years.

It simply helps to answer the question:

“For students in a given fall semester, in a given college, department, and major, where were they one year later?”

Note: This data does not report the retention rate. Our official retention rate definition is limited to first-time, full-time students. This data includes all enrolled students.

The nine enrollment statuses (or Fates) that students might have one year later include:

  • Graduated in Major
  • Graduated in Other Major, Same Department
  • Graduated in Other Major, Same College
  • Graduated in Other Major, Different College
  • Retained
  • Switched Major, Same Department
  • Switched Department, Same College
  • Switched College
  • Not Enrolled

Students with multiple majors in different departments will show up in the different department counts. A student who was a double major, who only dropped one major, will be considered switched within that college, department, and plan (e.g., a student who is a double major in Art and Accountancy and dropped their Accountancy major will be considered a switched major within Art.)

Department, college, and university totals are unduplicated with order of preference for students with multiple statuses at that level given to the higher Fates on the list above. In a similar fashion, in the rare case when a student ends up with multiple Fates from one Fall to the next, the student is classified according to the highest Fate.

The data represents 10th Day snapshots for each given fall semester. This includes the administrative organizational structure that was in place for each given fall semester so students with plans that are no longer offered are represented accurately. If interested, you can create the current administrative organizational structure for your area by using the multi-select options under the Major and Department selectors.

The user is advised to consider the varied structure and composition of departments (the number of programs they have, whether they have limited enrollment or competitive admission, etc.) when reviewing this data to avoid making inappropriate comparisons.

Fate Outcomes by Year

Department-Level Fate Outcomes by College

For students who moved from one college to another, which college did they move to?

For students who changed their college, department, or major, which college, department, and major did they end up in?

Those students who are no longer enrolled, what was their last academic standing?

Accessibility Notice

The Tableau interactive dashboards presented here are built with accessibility needs in mind. However, if you need help accessing the results displayed in the data visualizations, please call (208-426-1575) or email (

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