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Undergraduate Advising Survey

The Undergraduate Advising Survey is conducted every three years. It is administered to all undergraduate students currently enrolled in the spring semester of the given year. Students were asked to provide basic information on the type and frequency of their academic advising and to assess their academic advising experiences at Boise State University. Academic advising refers to services intended to help students make informed decisions about class selection, encourage consistent progress toward graduation, and help students become more active and knowledgeable decision-makers regarding their academic and career goals.

  • The dashboard on this page features trend data for multiple-choice survey items that were asked each year. Responses with less than five students surveyed are masked. Full-year survey response dashboards with additional filtering options are available for each year linked below:
  • Spring 2023 Results: 14,724 students surveyed; 2,427 or 16% responded; Margin of Error (95% CL) +/- 2%
    *New for 2023 – The full-year results dashboard can be filtered to view students in a SERP population (any student who belongs to one or more SERP categories of first-generation, Pell grant eligible, Hispanic, and/or rural Idaho).
  • Spring 2020 Results: 15,818 students surveyed; 2,587 or 16% responded; Margin of Error (95% CL) +/- 2%
  • Spring 2017 Results: 15,090 students surveyed; 3,082 or 20% responded; Margin of Error (95% CL) +/- 2%
  • Spring 2014 Results: 15,530 students surveyed; 3,812 or 25% responded; Margin of Error (95% CL) +/- 1%

Undergraduate Advising Survey Results Over Time

Accessibility Notice for Dashboard

The Tableau interactive dashboards presented here are built with accessibility needs in mind. However, if you need help accessing the results displayed in the data visualizations, please call 208-426-1575 or email