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First Destination Dashboard

This dashboard enables users to explore information about recent graduates’ first destination, including activities after graduation, employment and income details, and plans for further education. The First Destination Dashboard displays combined responses from the Graduating Student Survey (GSS) and our annual Follow-Up Survey.

The Graduating Student Survey is administered to all undergraduate and graduate students graduating in a given academic year in the fall and spring terms. A follow-up survey is administered annually to students who did not respond to the GSS or who indicated they were seeking employment. The results of those two surveys are then combined and the quantitative results are provided in the following dashboard.

View the additional results from the GSS on our Graduating Student Survey Interactive Dashboard.

First Destination Dashboard

Accessibility Notice

The Tableau interactive dashboards presented here are built with accessibility needs in mind. However, if you need help accessing the results displayed in the data visualizations, please call 208-426-1575 or email