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MakerLab Projects

From ideation to actualization we help makers create to their fullest potential. Get inspired by some of these amazing projects and email us at to start making with the MakerLab!


Dia De Los Muertos Wooden Sugar Skulls

Made by Tebraie Johns

The Blue Turf Project

A collaboration between the MakerLab and Engineering Innovation Studio

Miniature Printing Presses

Made By Professor Jill AnnieMargaret and Gabrielle Krake

3D Printed Lumbar Spine

Made by Melinda Barry and Michelle Ehlke

DIY CNC Machine

Made by Andrew Lackey

Braille Writer Finger Guide

Made possible by Idaho Educational Services for the Deaf and the Blind

Faceshields for Gorongosa National Park

Made by The MakerLab, College of Engineering, and the Center for Advanced Energy Studies Technical Assistance Program

Myoelectric Transhumeral Prosthetic Arm

Made by Hayden Golay, Amy Vecchione, Zane McCarty, and Mason Francsak

Kestrel Monitoring

Made by Boise State University

COVID-19 3D Printed PPE

Made by the community

Joystick Controller

Made by Kai Lansdell

Volcanology Sensors

Made by Jeffrey Johnson

The Great Goose Project

Made by Zane McCarty

Sawtooths in Silver

Made by Mike Rogers and Amy Vecchione

The HAL 9000

Made by Corbett Larsen, Stephen Richardson and Scott Schmader

Hydro Flask and iPhone Holders

Made by Kylee Lopshire

Normal Distribution Curves

Made by Donovan Kay

Becoming Teacher Researchers

Made by Maggie Dillon, Kierstyn Heilbrun, and Joseph Fritz

Neonatal Heart Models

Made by Samantha Davis

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