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Department of Mathematics

Come to Boise State University and join an inclusive scholarly community of mathematicians, statisticians, and math educators.

Math for all applications

Start with a pre-calculus course with the Math Learning Center or build skills in our innovative calculus, statistics, quantitative reasoning, discrete math, IDoTeach, and other courses.

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Math pays, in more ways than you think

Mathematics is a valuable stepping stone to many careers, including computing, consulting, data science, education, finance, security, and many more. Boise State offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Math (optional Secondary Education emphasis) and Applied Math (optional Statistics emphasis), plus minors in Math, Applied Math, and Math Teaching.

In this video, learn from undergraduate student Josie Derrick, professor Grady Wright, and associate professors Sasha Wang and Sam Coskey about the mathematics program at Boise State. Closed captions are available and you can access a transcript at Video Transcript – Math.

Mathematics Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers an MS in Mathematics degree with emphases in pure math, applied math, statistics, and math education. With the Accelerated Master’s Program, you can earn a BS and MS in 5 years.

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Research in Mathematics

Our faculty are engaged in cutting edge research in a variety of areas of mathematics, including computational and applied math, math education, set theory, statistics, topology, algebra, and more.

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