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Learning Technology at Boise State

We're exploring and improving technology every day

Review our 2019–20 goals

LMS Strategy

In the spring of 2020, we will be conducting a pilot of the Canvas LMS.  This experience will help inform future LMS strategy.

Employee Learning

Currently, employee learning at Boise State is provided through a myriad of internal and external tools. Sharing information between systems is difficult if not impossible, so there is no single place where supervisors track whether their team members have completed required training. This initiative addresses these challenges by recognizing Blackboard as a one-stop-shop for all digital learning at Boise State.

Adaptive and Personalized Learning Tools

There is much interest about how analytics and adaptive technology can benefit both students and institutions. It is worth exploring how Boise State can adopt or develop such tools.

Re-evaluate Electronic Portfolios

There are multiple uses and applications of electronic portfolios. It is worth evaluating our enterprise offerings in this space.

Replace enterprise video platform

As the result of an inclusive evaluation process, LTS and campus stakeholders decided to implement Panopto as our new enterprise video capture and hosting provider.

Improve course evaluation support

Our course evaluation system will be supported primarily by OIT/LTS. We are also exploring how to improve the support and delivery of this system.

Establish centralized model for captioning

We wish to explore and implement a system for proactive centralized captioning of instructional videos.

Improve Testing Scheduling System

We are improving our Testing Center scheduling system with single sign-on capabilities and integration with our accessibility accommodation system.

Exam Proctoring Policies and Resources

We are developing proctoring policies and resources to help clarify these things and inform our campus community.

Expand Wireless Presenting

Faculty members can promote wirelessly from mobile devices and laptops in some campus classroom spaces. We wish to expand the availability and use of this technology.

Provide training on Pressbooks OER platform for self-publishing

As part of Boise State’s OER initiatives, we provide training and support of the Pressbooks application.

Testing Center Sustainability

The growth of academic testing has introduced now challenges to meet the demand.

Expand Certification Opportunities for campus community and beyond

To better serve our current, prospective, and former students, we will offer more professional certification opportunities.

Improve Support

We will improve the support of instructional technology at Boise State through various strategies including improving documentation, support workflows, faculty development, and LMS templates.

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