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Course Evaluation System

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations use a web-based system for evaluating the vast majority of courses at Boise State University.

Students and Instructors can log in to the evaluation system once an evaluation period opens for their classes. You will be able to log in towards the end of your courses.

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Find how-to articles for using the course evaluation system on the LTS Knowledge Base.

LTS Knowledge Base

Spring 2023 Evaluation Dates

Session NameQuestion Personalization OpensEvaluation StartEvaluation EndCourse Eval Reports AvailableLast Day of InstructionGrades due
RegularMarch 22April 12April 29May 11April 28May 9
1st 5-weekN/AFebruary 1February 11February 16February 10February 14
2nd 5-weekFebruary 15March 8March 18March 23March 17March 21
3rd 5-weekMarch 29April 19April 29May 11April 28May 9
1st 7-weekJanuary 25February 8February 25March 2February 24February 28
2nd 7-weekMarch 22April 12April 29May 11April 28May 9
1st 10-weekFebruary 8March 1March 18March 23March 17March 21
2nd 10-weekMarch 22April 12April 29May 11April 28May 9

Evaluation dates for special sessions

Evaluation dates for special sessions (SP1 and SP2) are based on the following :

  • Evaluation Start Date is the Last date of the course.
  • Evaluation End Date is 10 days after the evaluation start date.
  • Report Release Date is on the 10th of the month after the evaluation closes.

Concurrent Enrollment

TermSessionEvaluation StartEvaluation EndCourse Eval Reports Available
FallJS1December 1December 15January 23
FallJS2May 1May 15June 12
SpringJS1May 1May 15June 12
SummerJS2August 1August 15September 5

About Blue

Boise State implemented a new course evaluation system in Spring 2022. The university switched from College Net’s WDYT tool to Blue by Explorance.

Things to know:

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