Mail Services

Mail Services for Boise State University is provided by Central Postal Services, State of Idaho Department of Administration.

  • Department ID codes must be on all outgoing mail.
  • Deliveries and pickups are made once per day.

Contact Information

Bryan Howard
Postal Services Manager
Idaho Department of Administration
(208) 332-1951

For additional contact info, please call Boise State University at 208-426-1000.

Interoffice Mail

  • Mail Stop (see lists in numeric or department order) and addressing information must be on all interoffice mail.
  • Avery 5160 label template is available for interoffice mailings.
  • “Anytime” Campus Mail Drop Boxes for University mail are located in Room 110 of the Administration Building, and in the entrance lobby of the Environmental Research Building (ERB) at 1295 University Drive. Final pickup time for these Drop Boxes is 2:30 pm.
  • For department moves that impact the mail stop, or require new mail stop assignments, please email OIT Business Services at

Outgoing Mail

  • Department IDs must be on all outgoing mail (example 1001.93624.7463483).
  • Personal mail drops are located at Bronco Express in the Student Union, and the northwest corner of the Administration Parking lot.
  • For presort and bulk mail services, see the Request for Services and Bulk Mail Guidelines form.
  • For large bulk mailing pickups, please call the Central Postal Service at (208) 332-1950.
  • First-class stamps are $.44 each. For additional pricing information, visit the United States Postal Services website.

Federal Express

Central Postal will send your Federal Express shipments. To send a FedEx package, attach a sheet of paper with the following information to your package:

  • Recipient Name/Address/Phone Number
  • Sender Name/Address
  • Funding Segment (FDCC) to be charged
  • Type of Mailing (Standard, Overnight, Ground, etc.)

Central Postal will create the airbill for the package. Place the package in your outgoing maildrop. If the tracking number is needed, note on the sheet: Please Provide Tracking Number. Central Postal will drop off the tracking number info on the following day.

Additional Information

For additional information about mail services, contact OIT Business Services at