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Mail Stop Codes by Department

Mail StopDepartment
1000President’s Office
1002General Counsel Office
1003Emeritus Guild
1004Foundational Studies Program
1005Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
1006Service Learning Center
1007University Sponsorships
1010Association of Classified Employees
1012CAES Energy Efficiency Rsr Inst
1014Energy Policy Institute
1020, 1021Athletics
1022Stueckle Sky Club
1025Athletics - Women
1030University Advancement
1035Alumni Relations
1040Photographic Services
1045Boise State Foundation
1050Morrison Center
1055Communications & Marketing, Office of
1060Trademark Licensing
1070College of Innovation and Design
1075Human-Environment Systems
1080Gimm Lab
1110Graduate College Admin
1120Center for Professional Development
1120Extended Studies (Continuing Ed.)
1121Extended Studies - After Work, BAS, MDS and Summer Programs
1125Honors College
1126University Dining / Chartwells Honors Kitchen/Southfork (Honors)
1134Biomedical Research Vivarium
1134Research Compliance, Office of
1135Sponsored Programs, Office of
1136Institutional Effectiveness
1139Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
1139Research & Econ Develop, Div of
1140Andrus Center
1140Venture College
1145Center for Global Engagement
1150, 1960Advising and Academic Support (AACS)
1155Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship
1200Finance and Admin
1210Purchasing, P-Card
1211Shared Services
1215Institutional Compliance
1222Printing & Graphic Services; Sign Shop
1225Bronco Shop
1230Boise State Ticket Office (Athletics), Bronco Sports
1235Budget and Planning
1240Internal Audit & Advisory Services
1245Risk Management & Insurance
1246Student Financial Services (Account Maintenance Center and the Payment & Disbursement Center)
1246Student Financial Services / Account Maintenance Center / Payment & Disbursement
1247University Financial Services
- Administrative Accounting
- Controller's Office
- Fixed Assets & Inventory Cntrl
- Tax Reporting
- Treasury
1248University Financial Services
-Accounts Payable
-Travel Services
-Office of Continuous Improvement
1249Office of Information Technology Network Operations
1250Public Safety
1260Public Safety - Maintenance and Event Services (Culinary Arts Building)
1265Human Resource Services
1265 Payroll
1270Facilities Operations & Maintenance (FO&M)
1275Capital Planning and Space Management
1280Architectural & Engineering Services
1285ExtraMile Arena
1286University Dining / Chartwells Extra Mile Arena Concessions (Entrance #2 1530)
1287Emergency Operations Center
1288Public Safety - Fleet Management
1289University Dining / Chartwells ILC (ILC 111)
1290Public Safety - Transportation and Parking
1291Public Safety - Campus Security and Police
1292University Dining / Chartwells Urban Coffee Fox and Boba (Multipurpose 1st Floor)
1293University Dining / Chartwells (ALBR - Guru Donuts)
1294University Dining / Chartwells UFC-Chick-Fil-A/Moes/Subway (SUB-D1144)
1295University Dining / Chartwells Admin/Catering (SUB C2211)
1296University Dining / Chartwells Jordan Servery C2132
1297University Dining / Chartwells Poppy Seed Bakery Cafe (Cobe 1213)
1298University Dining / Chartwells Boise River Cafe Kitchen B1120
1299University Dining / Chartwells Stueckle Sky Center 106
1300Student Affairs, VP of
1305Student Systems Support
1305, 1320Admissions
1310Career Center
1315Financial Aid
1325Student Communications and Marketing
1330University Dining / Chartwells Starbucks (SUB)
1334Gender Equity Center
1335Student Diversity and Inclusion
1223Student Involvement & Leadership Center
1335Student Union & Activities / International Student Center
1340Student Media (Arbiter & University Pulse)
1345Enrollment Services
1350University Housing Business Office
1351University Health Services (UH), Counseling Center
1355 / 1356University Housing & Residence Life
1357University Housing Warehouse
1360Chief Operating Office
1365Registrar's Office
1370Dean of Students
1375Educational Access Center
1380New Student Programs
1385Children’s Center
1390Veteran Services
1390Wyakin Warrior Foundation
1395Campus Operations - Financial Services
1405OIT Hardware
1410Office of Information Technology CIO Office
1410Office of Information Technology Accounts
1410Office of Information Technology Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
1410Office of Information Technology Cloud Services & Infrastructure
1410Office of Information Technology Governance, Risk and Compliance
1412Office of Information Technology Communications, Training, and Web Support
1412Office of Information Technology Business Services
1412Office of Information Technology Project Management Office
1413Office of Information Technology Customer Care
1413Office of Information Technology Computer Labs
1415Office of Information Technology Business Intelligence and Reporting Services
1415Office of Information Technology Development Services
1416Office of Information Technology Research Computing Support
1417Office of Information Technology Help Desk
1420Instructional Design and Educational Assessment (IDEA Shop)
1420Office of Information Technology Learning Technology Solutions
1430Albertsons Library
1450Online Testing Center / Scantron Services
1500Arts & Sciences, College of
1501School of the Arts
1510Art Department
1511Biomolecular Research Center
1512Biomolecular Sciences
1515Biological Sciences
1516Raptor Research Center
1517Snake River Plains Herbarium
1520Chemistry Department
1521Integrative Structural Biochemistry Lab (ISBL)
1525English Department
1526Intensive English Programs (IE)
1530World Languages
1535Geosciences Department
1540Arts and Humanities Institute
1550Philosophy Department
1556Math Learning Center
1560Music Department
1561Marching Band
1565Theatre Arts Department
1570Physics Department
1575Fine Arts - Capital Village
1580Creative Writing
1600Business & Economics, College of (COBE)
1605Student Services/COBE
1610Accountancy Department (Academic)
1615Information Technology & Supply Chain Management
1620Economics Department
1625Management Department
1630Marketing, Department of
1635Finance, COBE
1635Finance, Department of
1640Idaho Council on Economic Education
1645Career Services/COBE
1650COBE MBA Graduate Program
1655Idaho Small Business Development Center (ISBDC)
1656Tech Help
1700Education, College of
1700TRIO Teacher Preparation Program
1711Campus Recreation
1712Cycle Learning Center
1715Psychological Science
1720McNair Program (CMEO)
1721Counselor Education Department
1725Elementary Education and ESL
1725Literacy Language and Culture
1740, 1742Center for School Improvement & Policy Studies
1745Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies / Leads Learning Network
1746Teacher Education
1747Educational Technology
1750Educational Technology - 3D Game Lab
1755TRiO Rising Scholars - CMEO
1760High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
1765College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)
1770TRiO Educational Talent Search (CMEO)
1771Veterans Upward Bound (CMEO)
1772Trio DSSS (Trio Disabilities Student Support Services)
1775TRiO Upward Bound (CMEO)
1800College of Health Sciences-Admin
1815, 1940Social Work, School of
1820College of Health Sciences - Research
1825Excellence for Environmental Health and Safety, Center for (CEEHS)
1826Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability
1827EHSS Central Store
1830Health Policy, Center for
1830Health Policy, Center for
1835Center for Study of Aging
1835Public Health Population Science
1836School of Allied Health Sciences
1837School of Public and Population Health
1840Nursing, School of
1841SON Skills Lab
1845Radiological Sciences
1850Respiratory Care
1855Public Health
1860Idaho RADAR Center (COED)
1900Public Service, School of
1915/1916Boise State Public Radio (BSPR)
1930Military Science
1935Political Science
1935Public Policy and Administration
1939School of Public Service (SPS) Advising Center
1945Sociology Department
1950Anthropology Department
1955Criminal Justice Department
2035Institute of Microelectronics Education and Research (MER)
2045Construction Management Department (College of Engineering)
2055Computer Science Department
2060Civil Engineering Department (College of Engineering)
2065Engineering, College of (Admin), Engineering Advising Center
2070Organization Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL)
2075Electrical and Computer Engineering
2075Electrical Engineering (College of Engineering)
2080Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Research, Center for (COBR)
2085Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
2090Materials Science (College of Engineering)
2095Distinguished Educator in Residence
2100Engineering, Dean of
3039Chaffee Hall
3040Morrison Hall
3041Towers Hall
3042Driscoll Hall
3043Keiser Hall
3044Taylor Hall

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