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How To Send Interoffice Mail

Person handing a mail delivery to another person

Although many are working remotely, interoffice mail is still offered as a campus service. (Please do not drop off interoffice mail at Bronco Express near the Bronco Shop in the Student Union — Bronco Express does not process or deliver interoffice campus mail.)

Central Postal Services provides interoffice mail services for Boise State. Interoffice mail was scaled back in some offices and departments due to the pandemic, and they encourage you to contact them to resume service if your area or department were impacted.

Here’s how to send interoffice mail at Boise State:

  1. Find the mail stop code for the department of the person you wish to send mail to. You can find department codes on OIT’s Mail Services website organized by department code or numeric mail stop code. Mail Stop codes are required for interoffice mail to be delivered.
  2. Type or print the mail stop code legibly and visibly on the envelope. (It’s helpful for the Mail Services team if you  write this as “Mail Stop 0000” or “MS 0000.”) Include the name of the recipient next to the Mail Stop code.
  3. Drop interoffice mail in your departmental mailbox or a campus dropbox. Use the “Anytime” Campus Mail Drop Box located in Room 110 of the Administration Building to drop off University mail before 2:30 p.m. You can drop off personal mail here too as long as it has proper postage.

If you have questions about sending interoffice mail, outgoing mail or packages, or bulk mail services at Boise State please visit the Mail Services website.