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Maildrop Accounts

Maildrop accounts are generally shared among two or more staff or faculty and used as general department or office email accounts.

These accounts are also used for special campaigns, promotions, or projects.

Access a Maildrop Account

You have two choices:

Mail Delegation

Mail delegation is the easiest method of accessing maildrop account email and contacts, and does not require opening a separate web browser or private browsing session.

Delegated access grants permission to individual Google Workspace users. Those users will view the account’s email and contacts in a new tab or window by selecting the gear symbol in their own Boise State Gmail accounts.

Pros: Simplest way to view and use maildrop email and contacts.

Cons: Cannot view Google Calendar, Google Drive or other applications associated with the account.

To configure and use mail delegation, please see information on Google’s website.

Contact the Help Desk for questions or assistance.

Direct Sign In

To directly sign in to a maildrop account, open a new web browser, or a private or “incognito” browser window, and go to

(Note: Unless you use a separate browser, or private or “incognito” mode within your browser, you can’t access your own Google Workspace account and a maildrop account at the same time.)

Sign in with the maildrop account name and password.

Pros: Access all of the Google Workspace applications associated with the account, such as Calendar and Drive.

Cons: Requires a separate web browser, or a web browser running in private or “incognito” mode, to access a maildrop account and your own Google Workspace account at the same time.

Contact the Help Desk for questions or assistance.

Request a Maildrop Account

Complete the Help Desk Self Service form to request a new maildrop account.

Request a Maildrop Account Password Reset

Maildrop account passwords cannot be reset without the assistance of the Help Desk. The primary owner of the account must authorize password resets.

For security reasons, accounts cannot be reset via email.

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.

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