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Request for Services

Central Postal Services

Phone: (208) 332-1950

  • (do not include interoffice or international)
  • “I certify that the addresses appearing on the pieces described above have been verified and corrected where necessary within 95 days of the date of this mailing using a USPS approved method.”
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Bulk Mail Guidelines

    Please have the proper bulk rate permit pre-printed on your mail piece. We are unable to provide individual hand stamping services.
    1. 1. Minimum piece count for a bulk mailing is 200.
    2. 2. All mail must be the same size, weight and content.
    3. 3. Envelopes must be in USPS Mail Trays.
    4. 4. Addresses must be in zip code order, from lowest to highest.
    5. 5. If envelopes need to be sealed, flaps must be up.
    6. 6. Only domestic mail can be sent bulk rate.
    7. 7. Return address must have Boise State University spelled out completely.
    8. 8. Your organizational code belongs under your return address.
    Contact Central Postal Services at (208) 332-1950 if you have any questions. Print your request and leave for pickup, or submit your request directly to Central Postal Services: