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Perceptive Content

Perceptive Content is an enterprise content management solution, managing the entire lifecycle of documents.

Physical files can be converted to digital records and stored on a central server. Once the documents have been captured into Perceptive Content, they are assigned indexing keys so they can be easily searched and retrieved.

Additionally, documents can be seamlessly routed through workflow for processing, making business processes streamlined and more efficient.

Documents that have been captured into Perceptive Content can be accessed via a desktop application (Windows machines only) or via a web based application called Perceptive Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perceptive Content Issues

How-To and Support

Documentation and Support


  • Capture paper forms, faxes, emails, etc. allowing for easier access of documents
  • Capture notes, approvals, etc. that are stored within the document itself
  • Streamlines processes and reduces the time needed to transfer documents between departments
  • Reduces required physical storage space
  • Enhances security
  • More reliable backups

How do I get access to view documents in Perceptive Content?

Departments are responsible for managing/granting access to documents they “own”. In most cases, document access is limited to the department who owns the documents. In some cases, documents are shared across departments. For example, transcripts, academic adjustments, and FERPA documents are shared with users across campus in an advising role.

If you are in an advising role and you do not have advising access in Perceptive Content, contact the Help Desk. If you believe you should have access to additional documents in Perceptive Content, please contact the department who owns the document to which you want access.

How can I get Perceptive Content in my department?

If your department would like to streamline workflow processes and reduce storage of paper documents by implementing Perceptive Content, submit a project request to the OIT Project Management Office.

What If Something Isn't Working?

  • For issues with the application or workflow, contact your department’s Management Systems Coordinator or the Management Systems Coordinator for the department who owns the document/workflow.
  • For technical issues (i.e. problems with the Perceptive Client install or the ImageNow printer, browser issues, etc.) contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357,, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.