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Create a Private Filter in Perceptive Experience

  1. Sign into Perceptive Experience with your BoiseState username and password.
  2. Based on your security, you will see different tiles on the sign in screen. Click on the tile corresponding with where you want to create the filter: “Documents,” “Workflow” or “Tasks.”
    Perceptive screen showing tiles on the landing page.
  3. Select the appropriate View, then click in the search bar to add criteria (constraints).Perceptive screen showing how to select a view and then search.
  4. Add the appropriate criteria under “Add Constraint.”
    Perceptive screen showing how to select a constraint from the drop-down menu.The two most common constraints are Normal and Prompted:

    1. Select “Normal” for a fixed criteria, such as “Document type equals BGC Transcript – College Final.”
    2. Select “Prompted Constraint” for variable criteria, such as “Emplid equals [Insert Value].”
      Perceptive screen showing the Promted Constraint selected.
  5. Once you have input the values for your constraint, click “Add.” The criteria will be added to your search bar.
    Perceptive screen showing to click the "Add Constraint" button.Click the “+” button to add additional constraints.
  6. Once all desired constraints have been added, click the “Search” button to return only filtered results.
    Perceptive screen showing selected constraints search resulting in only filtered results.
  7. To save this filter for future use, click the “Create New Filter” icon.
    Perceptive screen showing to click the "Create New Filter" button to save this filter.Follow the prompts to name the new filter and give the filter a description.
    Perceptive screen showing to enter a name and description for your filter.The filter will be saved. It is a private filter, so will only be viewable by you.
    Perceptive screen showing your newly saved filter in the view you save it to.