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View and Approve Tasks in Perceptive Experience

Here’s how to view and approve or deny tasks in Perceptive Experience.

  1. Sign into Perceptive Experience with your BoiseState username and password.
  2. Based on your security, you will see different tiles on the login screen. Click the “Tasks” tile to review and approve tasks assigned to you.
    Perceptive tile screen showing the "Tasks" button
  3. Select “My Assigned” from the left menu to see the tasks assigned to yoPerceptive screen showing assigned tasks.Click on the task to open the document.Perceptive screen showing a document for review.
  4. If you need to add a document to the form before approval, make sure you have the Thumbnails viewer open in your display.
    Perceptive screen showing the "Show or Hide Thumbnails" button.Next, click the “+” button and select “Add After Page.”Perceptive screen showing the "Add Page" button.Select your capture source: “File” or “Scanner.” To choose a document from your computer, double click on “File” and select “Browse” to access your document. Click “Done” after selecting your chosen document(s).
    Perceptive screen showing the capture source options.The file will show up as an additional thumbnail in the viewer. Click the “Save” button before continuing.
    Perceptive screen showing files as thumbnails in the viewer.
  5. Review and follow the instructions as listed in the blue box to the left of the document. Generally, to approve the document or route forward to the next reviewer, select “Complete” and then the appropriate reason. To Deny/Reject the document, select “Return” and the appropriate reason.
    Perceptive screen showing the "Return" and "Complete buttons to deny or approve the document.