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Applied Science and Interdisciplinary Professional Studies Emphasis Areas

The best part of the Applied Science and Interdisciplinary Professional Studies curriculum is your ability to personalize the classes you take to fit you. While you have to take required program courses and meet the credit requirements to earn a bachelor’s degree, you and your advisor get to tailor the rest of your degree based on your goals!  

How Do Emphasis Areas Work?

Choose from a growing list of certificates, minors or classes to customize your degree plan. Satisfy your personal and professional interests with an emphasis area that appeals to you. These emphasis areas are designed to complement your degree and give you the knowledge you need to get ahead. 

For example, if your goal is to advance your career and move into a management role, consider adding coursework focused on business management or applied leadership to your plan. Interested in public health? The online public health certificate is an excellent fit and can help prepare you for the next step in your career. 

It really is up to you! Below are sample areas of emphasis that you could add to personalize your degree. If you are interested in other on-campus emphasis areas, contact your Student Success Coach! 

Not sure where to start? Try our emphasis area program picker!

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What is a Certificate, Credential, Emphasis or Minor?

Emphasis Areas



Foundational business skills are necessary to succeed in any career. In the +Business minor or certificate, you will learn from experienced instructors and gain practical skills through customizable courses.

Learn More about +Business

Business Creation Certificate

The Business Creation Certificate from Boise State University offers students the opportunity to develop the skills to start, manage and maintain an entrepreneurial venture. Working professionals looking to formalize their business pursuits or refresh their knowledge will also benefit from the Business Creation Certificate.

Learn More about Business Creation

Harvard Business School Online Certificate

Build foundational skills that help you prepare for graduate school. You’ll develop skills in management, negotiation, accounting, analytics and economics while connecting to a global learning community.

Learn More about Harvard Business School Online

Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations

Hone leadership skills through dynamic experience in this on-campus program. You’ll practice new leadership skills and become a high-integrity change agent in your discipline and the world.

*This program is offered on-campus. This program charges standard fees (including out of state fees).

Learn More about Leadership and Human Relations

Applied Leadership Certificate

Grow into a high-impact leader by augmenting your current professional and leadership skills. You’ll hone your leadership style and immediately apply perspectives and activities to your current position. 

Learn More about Applied Leadership

Communication, Innovation and Design

Public Relations

Master skills in communication and public understanding and develop a professional portfolio. You’ll develop and refine skills in media and social media relations, branding and promotions, issues advocacy, community relations and crisis communication.

*This program is offered on-campus. This program charges standard fees (including out of state fees).

Learn More about Public Relations

Conflict Management

Prepare to be a confident, capable, and resilient leader through the challenges in your professional and personal life. Engage in innovative, experiential, and supported learning environments that are founded on self-discovery, our common humanity, and critical inquiry into civil discourse and collaborative engagement across diverse groups and perspectives..

Learn More about Conflict Management

Communication Management

Develop concise and effective communication for both internal and external audiences. You’ll be prepared to communicate with employees, businesses and the community as well as collaborate with other key stakeholders.

Learn More about Communication Management

Media Content Management

Learn practical skills to create, produce and manage content across multiple platforms. You’ll expand your knowledge in highly-sought after areas like website management, media production or social media.

Learn More about Media Content Management

User Experience Research: UX Professional Certificate

Gain insight into how people interact with products, services, policies and organizations. You’ll learn about the user experience through practical exercises, including planning and executing a project that delivers insight to a real-world stakeholder.

Learn More about UX Professional Certificate

Certificate in Innovation and Design

Build skills in creative problem solving, emerging technology and collaborative communication techniques. You’ll have a competitive edge in your industry and be equipped to handle the evolving demands of today and tomorrow’s workforce.

Learn More about the Certificate in Innovation and Design

Certificate in Content Production

Enhance your creative abilities by learning how to produce and activate your ideas using design, audiovisual and digital means.

Learn More about the Certificate in Content Production

Certificate in Creative Influence

Grow your creative influence by learning how to be an effective communicator and leader who influences others with their ideas.

Learn More about the Certificate in Creative Influence

Professional Development Courses

Courses in the Interdisciplinary Professional Studies program are designed for adult students returning to college and cover a variety of professional development subjects. Our flexible program allows you to maximize the impact of the previous education to expedite your bachelor’s degree.

Learn More about Interdisciplinary Professional Studies


Cyber for All Certificate

Learn the fundamentals of cyber defense and the implications of good versus bad cyber hygiene. You’ll obtain vital knowledge centered around security awareness, the Internet of Things and incident response and recovery.

Learn More about Cyber for All

Cyber Operations Certificate

Develop skills to protect and defend cyber systems. You will learn the foundational knowledge needed to become a leader in the field, including information assurance, offensive and defensive security, forensics and disaster recovery.

Learn More about Cyber Operations Certificate


Public Health Certificate

Explore pressing issues, address health disparities and overall global health to create healthier communities. You’ll develop broad skills in analysis, critical thinking and communication within the lens of public health.

Learn More about Public Health Certificate


Inquiry-Based Early Childhood Education

Explore best practices in early childhood education and supporting children’s inquiry and development. You will develop skills as a leader and advocate in the field and be well prepared to work as an early childhood educator. 

Talk to your Student Success Coach about planning for this certificate.

Please Note: This certificate requires an additional application and space is limited.

Learn More about Inquiry-Based Early Childhood Education



Boise State offers 800+ online course offerings, so it is possible to create a custom emphasis area based on your specific interests. We highly recommend you connect with your advisor to talk about possibilities.

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