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Culminating Activities

View culminating portfolios from Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning students.


Professionals often use and maintain a portfolio as part of their professional development and the employment-seeking process. Therefore, all students, including master of science and certificate-seeking students, are encouraged to follow the OPWL 592 Portfolio directions and start preparing their portfolio website early during their first and second semester classes.


Sample portfolio websites

More Portfolios

Visit the Canvas portfolio page to view more portfolio websites.


Completing a thesis as a culminating activity helps professionals develop their expertise in a specific area by completing a research project. You should plan ahead of time to meet the thesis requirements and procedure. To develop the research skills necessary to write a thesis, you are recommended to complete the research credits early during your study. You are also encouraged to participate in one of the Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning faculty’s research labs:

Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning Thesis Examples:

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