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Online Learning

The OPWL program has been offering courses online since the fall of 1989. We are proud to have graduates from around the world. OPWL online classes are conducted using Blackboard Learn, a web-based course-management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate from anywhere in the world in our online classroom.

For more information on computer requirements, logging in, navigating the classroom, and student responsibilities in the online environment, visit the Boise State Blackboard Learn and Support page.


Evaluations show that our students are enthusiastic about the rigor and value of the academic experience they receive in our online classroom. Many have reported that these courses helped to substantially increase their capability and credibility in the workplace. OPWL students are accomplishing numerous academic and professional accomplishments, in some part as a result of their learning in the OPWL programs. See student/graduate accomplishments and testimonials.