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Financial Aid

To apply for federal financial aid, an applicant must:

For more information visit Boise State University’s financial aid website

Graduate Assistantships (Remote)

The purpose of the virtual Graduate Assistant (GA) program is to support promising individuals who are committed to continuing their education at the graduate level. An OPWL GA is NOT required to relocate to Boise to fulfill the duties of the position. As a GA, you will have the opportunity to perform one or more of these duties or others as assigned:

  • Conduct reviews of the professional literature
  • Post literature reviews in the OPWL-Network on LinkedIn
  • Prepare all or parts of reports and manuscripts
  • Assist OPWL faculty:
    • with research activities
    • in conducting service projects
    • with grading and preparation of course materials

GA positions are open to any individual who has been fully admitted to the OPWL master’s degree program. Assistantships are awarded for the fall and spring semesters only. Full-time and half-time GA positions are available.

Graduate Assistants can work locally or remotely depending on their location.

To learn more about the role and reward of a GA, please visit our graduate assistant page.


The Department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) offers an annual scholarship each year that is awarded in fall. These scholarships, while modest, are noted by the students as helpful in offsetting the cost of graduate study.

To learn more about the OPWL scholarships visit the scholarships page.