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Culminating Activity – Portfolio

The plan of study when selecting the portfolio for your culminating activity requires 24-core credits, 8-elective credits, and 3-research credits. During your final semester of study, you will enroll in the 1-credit OPWL 592 Portfolio, and present your portfolio website to a panel of judges (two OPWL faculty members assigned by the department).

OPWL 592 Portfolio eligibility:

  1. Complete or be enrolled in your 33rd OPWL credit including all required OPWL courses (may concurrently enroll in the last required course).
  2. Submit an Application for Admission to Candidacy (AAC) form, signed by your academic advisor.
  3. No existing I (Incomplete) grade of any courses.

You can develop your portfolio website using Google Sites or another system of your choice.

See sample OPWL portfolio websites:

Use these job aids and templates.

However, professionals often maintain their portfolio as part of their professional development and employment-seeking process. Therefore, all OPWL students, including MS- and certificate-seeking students, are encouraged to follow the OPWL 592 Portfolio directions and start preparing their portfolio website early during their first and second semester classes.