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Culminating Activity – Portfolio

The plan of study when selecting the portfolio for your culminating activity requires 24-core credits, 8-elective credits, and 3-research credits.  During your final semester of study, you will enroll in the 1-credit OPWL 592 Portfolio, and present your portfolio to two OPWL faculty members assigned by the department.

The portfolio as a culminating activity is a collection of real work that provides evidence of the breadth and depth of OPWL-related knowledge and skills.

Breadth means that the portfolio is comprehensive. It should demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to:

  • OPWL Learning Goals – A set of professional competencies that you should possess when you graduate from the OPWL program.
  • OPWL Tools – A set of “tools” (concepts, principles, theories, and strategies) applied to the 5 phases of the HPT model that you learned in your OPWL courses.

Depth means that the portfolio should demonstrate OPWL knowledge at the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. Your portfolio should demonstrate your ability to:

  • Apply
    Select and use OPWL “tools” to improve learning and performance
  • Analyze
    Explain how the tools you’ve selected relate to one another and to the HPT model
  • Synthesize
    Combine multiple tools to create a coherent approach to a unique problem
  • Evaluate
    Explain the benefits and limitations of an OPWL tool in a given situation

Portfolio Resources

OPWL Portfolio Guidelines (PDF)

OPWL portfolio template document (Word version)

Portfolio Defense Webinars

OPWL 592 Portfolio Defense Intro
Tips for preparing and defending your OPWL portfolio.
Leslie Harper, Shari Stein, Dr. Lisa Giacumo, Dr. Anthony Marker

Portfolio Defense Resources – A one man show
May 2013 graduate Joe Wessel shares his timeline, preparation notes and provides advice for how to successfully prepare for your portfolio defense.

Portfolio Defense Preparation – A Team Perspective
A team of two share how they assisted each other with preparing for their culminating activity defense.
Kajal Changela, Perri Kennedy

Portfolio Defense Preparation – A Panel Discussion
Three graduates share their process for preparing for their portfolio defense.
Marnie Christenson, Robbie Proulx, Linda Urban