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Cheri Lockett Zubak, M.S.

Cheri Lockett Zubak

Adjunct Graduate Faculty





Educational Background

Cheri Lockett Zubak’s recent education experiences include a master’s degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (Boise State University, 2016), a specialization in design thinking (Darden School of Business, 2016), and a graduate certificate in game-based learning (Drexel University, 2013). Early in Cheri’s career, she also earned graduate degrees in Library & Information Science (Drexel University, 1987) and English/Professional Writing (Arcadia University, 1990).

Professional Experience

In addition to being an adjunct faculty, Cheri has an extensive professional history as a writer, instructional designer, and performance improvement specialist in technology organizations. Cheri is currently employed as a learning and performance practitioner, a position in which she works with staff to provide products and services that support improved customer performance. She also develops blended learning experiences to support this effort. Cheri’s practice involves a cross-section of many disciplines, including performance improvement, technical communication, and user experience design. In the course of her work, she applies the concepts, strategies, and tools that she brings to students in the OPWL classroom.

Cheri also works with cross-functional teams to bring new business practices to workplace projects. These practices include lean startup, customer development, and design thinking, as well as human performance and evidence-based practice.

Early in her career, Cheri became involved in performance support and embedded user assistance, and was named All-Time Help Guru and Best Trainer or Instructor by WinWriters (now, WritersUA) because of her efforts. She was also named a Microsoft MVP from 1997-2004 as a result of her expertise and community involvement in performance support for software applications. The performance support idea is always on Cheri’s mind. It simply makes sense to look for ways to improve learning transfer on the job and to support people as they work.


  • OPWL 547 – Learning Experience Design