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Teach for OPWL

Below are the requirements and expectations for individuals teaching an OPWL online course. Please review the Adjunct Considerations section to confirm that you are a best match for the expertise, time, and energy required of an OPWL adjunct faculty member. If you have confirmed you are a good match please proceed with the Adjunct Faculty Application.

Adjunct Considerations Before Teaching an OPWL Course


Thank you for your interest in teaching an OPWL graduate course. The purpose of this web page is to provide information on the courses in our programs, the OPWL adjunct pay scale, the information required to hire you, and the information we want to share with our students.

Course Descriptions

The Course Descriptions page provides a brief description for each of the courses, the credit value for each course, the length it runs and the semesters it is offered. In addition to the description, we also provide a PDF summary that provides additional detail on the course goals, assignments, final project, student study time expected, and prerequisite information. When reviewing the courses please identify which you are most interested in teaching.

Boise State University’s Academic Calendar

When considering when a course is offered please note that on Boise State University’s Academic Calendar the 15-week course is the Regular session with the other course session names aligned with the length (i.e. 1st 10-week, 2nd 10-week, 1st 5-week, etc.)


Starting Fall 2021, all OPWL courses will be delivered in Canvas.

Requirements for Teaching an OPWL Course

To ensure consistency in student learning and the achievement of the learning goals of the program, adjuncts teaching an OPWL course agree to:

  • use the existing syllabus
  • work with an OPWL faculty member prior to the semester you are scheduled to teach to review the syllabus and course requirements
  • construct your course site
  • be prepared to teach from the first day of the semester to when grades are due
  • the adjunct pay scale

Submit the Adjunct Faculty Application