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MS Degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

The online Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) is intended to prepare students for careers in the areas of instructional design, training and development, e-learning, workplace performance improvement, organizational development, program evaluation, and performance consulting. See the application procedure and course fees.

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Program Cost and Upcoming Dates


as few as 12 months
Program duration

Credit hours

Cost per credit starting Fall 2022

Spring 2023 due date

Spring 2023 start date

OPWL MS Degree Requirements

Master of Science in Organizational Performance and Workplace LearningCreditsPrereq
Required Courses
(Complete all 24 credits)
OPWL 529 Needs Assessment4OPWL 536
OPWL 530 Evaluation4OPWL 536
OPWL 535 Principles of Adult Learning4
OPWL 536 Foundations of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning4
OPWL 537 Instructional Design4OPWL 536
OPWL 535
OPWL 560 Workplace Performance Improvement4OPWL 536, &
(OPWL 529 or
OPWL 530)
Research Courses
(Portfolio option: Complete 3 research credits. Thesis option: Complete all 6 research credits)

The research credits can also be applied as electives toward all the OPWL credentials
OPWL 506 Survey Design and Data Analysis1
OPWL 507 Interviews and Data Analysis1
OPWL 508 Data Visualization1
OPWL 531 Quantitative Research in Organizations3OPWL 536 or
Elective Courses
(Portfolio Option: Complete 8 elective credits)
OPWL 518 Contracting and Consulting2
OPWL 523 E-Learning Authoring and Development3
OPWL 525 E-Learning Content Design and Learning Management Systems3
OPWL 547 Learning Experience Design3OPWL 535
OPWL 536
OPWL 551 Storyboarding and Scenario-Based E-Learning3OPWL 536
OPWL 570 Organizational Culture and Leadership2
OPWL 572 Project Management Fundamentals1
OPWL 577 Change Management3
OPWL 578 Performance Impact Beyond the Organization3Coreq:
OPWL 536
OPWL 585 Selected Topics: Thinking in Systems1
OPWL 590 Practicum/InternshipVariable
OPWL 595 Readings and ConferenceVariable
OPWL 596 Independent StudyVariable
OPWL 597 Special Topics: Game-Based and Gamified Learning3
OPWL 597 Special Topics: Planning for Workplace Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Interventions1
OPWL 598 Seminar - Professional Social Media Networking1
Culminating Activity
(Portfolio option: Complete 1 credit portfolio credit. Thesis option: Complete 6 thesis credits)
OPWL 592 Portfolio (Oral presentation/review required)1
OPWL 593 Thesis (Oral defense required)6
*Appropriate electives should be selected by the student and their advisor based on an evaluation of the student’s educational and professional goals.