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Virtual Exhibits from Museums Around the World

Travel the world from the comfort of your home! Click the following links to explore exhibits from acclaimed museums and expand your horizons.

  • Google Arts & Culture Collections: This comprehensive website provides links to hundreds of virtual tours of museums and historical sites. Spend time at the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico, explore the wonders of the Palace of Versailles in France, visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and more.
  • The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: Take virtual tours of past, present, and permanent exhibits. Explore all three floors and halls dedicated to subjects including fossils, oceans, African mammals, bones, and geology.
  • The Museum of the World by the British Museum: This interactive online experience allows you to select from categories such as Art and Design, Power and Identity, and Religion and Belief. Travel through time to learn how each category impacted specific parts of the world.