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2020 Osher Faculty Grant Recipients

Established in 2011 by the Osher Institute Advisory Board, the Osher Faculty Grant has awarded over $135,000 to fund Boise State faculty research projects. The grant supports Boise State faculty and raises awareness of the Osher Institute within the university. Annual member contributions to the Osher Institute Excellence Fund make the grant possible.

The 2020 Osher Faculty Grant recipients are:

Dr. Daniel Fologea

Dr. Daniel Fologea, Department of Physics

“Liposomes as Adjuvants for Antimicrobial and Antiviral Therapy”

With all the efforts of developing new antibiotics, drugs, and vaccines, over ten million people die each year around the world from infectious diseases. The objective of this proposal is to investigate the use of liposomes as artificial membrane systems capable of removing microbial toxins and viruses from the blood stream.


Dr. Brian Jackson

Dr. Brian Jackson, Department of Physics

“Developing a Statewide Astronomy Public Outreach Program”

A key effort within the Department of Physics’ astronomy group involves training the next generation of scientists in outreach. This project outlines a program of outreach intended to engage the public, provide coaching in public education for Boise State students, and purchase a digital, mobile planetarium to conduct site visits across Idaho.


Dr. Amy Moll

Dr. Amy Moll, Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering

“New Paths for On-Campus Recycling of Single Use Plastics”

Is it possible to use plastic waste generated on the Boise State campus to fabricate 3D printer filament and hence have a local closed loop recycling process? This project is designed to support two undergraduate student design projects in developing a process to recycle plastic waste into 3D printer filament.


Congratulations to these Boise State faculty! And thank you, Osher Institute members, for contributing to the Osher Excellence Fund. The Osher Faculty Grant would not be possible without your generosity.