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Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Three”

This webinar series is presented by Professional and Continuing Education at Boise State.

Accelerate Out of the Curve

We’re all affected by the current COVID-19 crisis and its impact on daily life in the United States and beyond. As we all work to “flatten the curve” and collectively meet this crisis head-on, what steps might we take now to prepare ourselves, our businesses, and our communities to “accelerate out of the curve” and rapidly move back into actions and efforts that build up a healthy economy that is stronger than ever before?

This series is intended to provide tools and skills that will strengthen our ability to meet this challenge together and accelerate out of the curve as soon as possible.

Click here to view: “Episode Three: Building a Culture of Accountability

Webinar Objectives:

    • Treat people like adults and assume positive intent. Recognize that each person has their own decision-making authority.
    • Start with yourself – build emotional intelligence so you can connect on a meaningful level and provide inspiration.
    • Create an emotional “hook” – engagement and belonging are the secret sauce.
    • Set the stage for high motivation and learn to give feedback so it can be digested and put into practice.

About the Speaker:

Jennifer Hooft is a human resource professional with over twenty years of experience spanning varied industries, including technology, financial services, higher education, and manufacturing. She is currently consulting, managing a family-owned medical clinic, and teaching in the College of Business and Economics at Boise State. In addition to her roles as VP of HR over the years, Jennifer served as State Council Director for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and President of the Human Resource Association of Treasure Valley (HRATV). She is currently vice president on the board of directors for Idaho Humane Society and has served board terms with both Silver Sage Girl Scouts and Family Advocates. Consistent with her passion for cutting edge HR practices, Jennifer has a long-held interest in helping others move their lives, careers, and organizations forward. Along with consulting on a broad range of HR services, she speaks on the topics of performance management, leadership, and mentoring.