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Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Four”

This webinar series is presented by Professional and Continuing Education at Boise State (previously known as Center for Professional Development).

Accelerate Out of the Curve

We’re all affected by the current COVID-19 crisis and its impact on daily life in the United States and beyond. As we all work to “flatten the curve” and collectively meet this crisis head-on, what steps might we take now to prepare ourselves, our businesses, and our communities to “accelerate out of the curve” and rapidly move back into actions and efforts that build up a healthy economy that is stronger than ever before?

This series is intended to provide tools and skills that will strengthen our ability to meet this challenge together and accelerate out of the curve as soon as possible.

Click here to view: “Episode Four: Lessons Learned from the Past

Webinar Objectives:

    • Gain new ideas to help adapt and innovate your business
    • Learn about prior obstacles and the lessons learned
    • Understand the importance of your values during a time of crisis

About the Speakers:

Ron Price, Founder, President, CEO of Price Associates

Ron Price is an internationally recognized business advisor, executive coach, speaker, and author. Known for his creative and systematic thinking, business versatility, and practical optimism, Ron has worked in 15 countries and served in almost every level of executive management over the past 40 years.

As the former CEO of a multi-million dollar international company, Ron understands the challenges and risks of running a business and building a dynamic team. He works shoulder-to-shoulder with executive leadership teams to bring strategic clarity and transformational results to organizations, especially those dealing with turmoil and transition.

In 2004, Ron started Price Associates, a global leadership performance firm that features the bright minds and innovative solutions of some of the world’s top consultants in organizational development, process management, branding/marketing, and more.

Dr. Paul Bentley, Director of the Boise State Center for Professional Development

Paul is the Director and Leadership Instructor at Boise State University’s Center for Professional Development (CPD). With over twenty years of leadership and management experience, Paul understands the challenges faced by leaders in private industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. As a part of the CPD team at Boise State, Paul designs and facilitates on-campus and on-site courses for private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

He was the Corporate Training Manager for Micron Custom Manufacturing Services (MCMS). While at MCMS, he managed the production training, corporate training, continuing education, and technical communications departments for corporate headquarters. He also taught all leadership courses for senior management as well as giving oversight to the training needs of MCMS’s Malaysia, Belgium, and North Carolina sites.

Previously Paul started The Leadership Program for Montana State University, providing leadership training for government agencies and businesses throughout the state of Montana. Before coming back to Boise State, Paul was the Leadership Development Specialist for Yellowstone National Park Lodges, where he was responsible for the leadership development of seasonal and year-round managers and leaders, and the development of other Park trainers.

Paul’s doctoral dissertation targeted life-management skills for people with multiple careers.