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Meet the Advisory Board: Carol Delaney

How long have you served on the Advisory Board?

Carol Delaney
Carol Delaney

This is my second year.

Are you part of any committees? If so, what is your role?

Member of volunteer and now shelved travel committees, plus I started the SIG Writers Paired in the Fall of 2018 and continue to moderate with member collaboration.

What is your most memorable Osher Institute experience?

When I joined Osher we were in the process of moving into our current quarters. I went on a trip to Yellowstone. It was led by a geologist, a geothermal isn’t, and coincidentally a master birder. As it turned out, there were more experts in one field or another who were fellow travelers I’d never met. Many of those travelers have become friends and I was “hooked” on Osher.

Favorite Osher presentation you have attended thus far?

There are so many great presenters…. two have become friends, Samantha Harvey and Cheryl Hindrichs, and Shelton Woods…and Dr. Adler..

Are you a Boise native? If not, where are you originally from?

No, I’m a New Yorker, lived outside NYC before Boise. I came here in 1974. My husband was hired to join the “startup” Ore Ida, in 1974. They built the building that now houses Osher. I remember getting lost in it!

What is your career history?

I became the Director of the Idaho Real Estate Association shortly after moving here, then moved into commercial real estate development..two of my early projects were the 8th St. Marketplace, what is now BoDo, and Boise Towne Square. After I retired from there I volunteered as a Docent at the Botanical Garden, then became an Advanced Master Gardener.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

Gardening which I do less of now, reading..history, mystery, politics, social topics… and these days, humor! I also journal, sketch, and do puzzles, crossword and jigsaw. And I have always loved to travel, and take walks but arthritis and complications limit those lately.

What are you doing to occupy your time during the stay-at-home order?

I’ve been introduced to Zoom to keep in touch with family and the community I live in, I take walks and stop to photograph anything in flower, I send off cards and puzzles to my great-grandkids and sometimes Marco Polo or zoom with them. I play mah-jongg online and, of course, read.