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Pack Your Parachute: Tech Tip for April

We want to pack your parachute! As a way of showing our appreciation for the support of our Osher members, the Osher staff will be answering common questions and providing helpful tips on various topics.

If you are a new member and have not used Zoom before, or if you would just like a refresher, here is our question to you:

Want to test your system before class?

  • Join a Zoom Test Meeting. Click the “Join” button to enter a test meeting. (Please note: The Zoom “Meeting” platform may look different than the Zoom “Webinar” platform that we use for our lectures and courses. However, you can still use this test meeting to check your audio, visuals, and connectivity.)
  • Attend a Zoom live training webinar, offered daily. Visit the Zoom website┬áto learn more and to register for one or many of the webinars.