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Pack Your Parachute: Tech Tip for May

We want to pack your parachute! As a way of showing our appreciation for the support of our Osher members, the Osher staff will be answering common questions and providing helpful tips on various topics.

This month, we have the answer to a common question members ask when they receive their recording link:

“How can I find the handouts from a recording of a course or lecture?”

  • You can find the instructor’s handouts within the recordings themselves. Once a recording is clicked into and opened, the handout will appear to the right of the video recording on your screen.
  • Handouts that are multiple pages can be scrolled through. The “+” and “-” symbols above the document allow you to zoom in and out of it. On the upper right side of the document, you can click on the Down Arrow icon to download the handout and the Printer icon to print it.
  • On the left side of the handout, you may see a small list of images displaying the document’s pages. To hide this image list, click the Three Horizontal Lines icon on the upper left of the handout window.
  • To hide the handout and make the recording full screen, select the Square icon in the upper right side of the video’s window. To bring the handout back into view, click on the Inverted Square icon in the upper right side of the screen.