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Annual Revision Of Boise State University Catalog (Policy 4150)

University Policy 4150

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Effective Date

July 1978

Last Revision Date

July 1995

Responsible Party

Office of the Registrar, (208) 426-4249

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all University catalog revisions.

1. Policy Purpose

To ensure timely and properly authorized changes for the annual revision of the catalog.

2. Policy Statement

Changes to the catalog will be documented and submitted to the Catalog Editor in accordance with published instructions. Documentation to support all changes to the catalog will be maintained in the office of the Catalog Editor (in the Registrar’s Office) for reasonable periods in accordance with guidelines established in University Policy #1020. Catalog changes will generally fall within the following definitions:

a. Curricular and Academic Policy Changes are those which change student programs, courses and/or policies that affect the academic offerings.

b. Administrative Policy Changes are those which affect students in other than academic and curricular matters.

c. Editorial Changes are those which do not change policy, but are designed to improve the usability of the catalog, to clarify language and to improve the technical aspects of catalog production.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Responsibilities

a. The Catalog Editor is responsible for the annual revision of the catalog and will accept approved change requests, maintain documentation supporting changes and initiate or approve all editorial changes.

b. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will process all administrative and curricular policy changes and insure institutional and, when required, Board approval before forwarding to the Catalog Editor for inclusion in the next catalog revision.

c. Department chairs and administrative unit heads will be responsible for initiating changes to the catalog through appropriate committees and will be responsible for proofing catalog copy when proofs are provided by the Editor.

d. University Catalog Committee is responsible for making recommendations on format changes, style and layout, language and other changes that affect the appearance, readability, continuity, consistency and presentation of the book.

3.2 Procedures

a. Timetable and change submission deadlines to insure April delivery of revised catalog:

(i.) Academic policy changes that require State Board approval must be sent to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs by mid-November to insure inclusion on Board agenda at its December meeting. Curricula changes that are approved during fall semester will be sent for approval the office of the State Board and incorporated into the catalog.

(ii.) Curricular and academic policy changes will be sent to the Catalog Editor after the December Board meeting. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs may deliver changes to the Catalog Editor pending Board approval in January with the understanding that any such changes not approved by the Board will be eliminated during the proofreading process.

(iii.) Requests for editorial changes must be received by the Catalog Editor by the last official day of the fall semester prior to the Christmas holiday.

(iv.) Catalog copy will be mailed or delivered to the printer during the first week of March.

(v.) Final “Blueline” proofs will be approved only by the Catalog Editor early in March. Changes at this stage are very expensive and will be made only for essential, high priority changes.

b. Curriculum Changes will be processed in accordance with University Policy #4050. Academic Policy Changes will generally allow the same procedures for approval through appropriate committees and the Faculty Senate. Administrative Policy Changes that will result in catalog changes will be processed from various sources through the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to the Catalog Editor.

c. Editorial Changes may be recommended by any Boise State University employee directly to the Catalog Editor. The editor will ensure appropriate coordination and determine if additional approvals are necessary. Editorial changes include minor word changes in course descriptions that do not change course content, title, lecture, lab or credit hours, prerequisites, corequisites or semesters offered. Editorial changes will be used to clarify, simplify or improve the description to the benefit of the students. Narrative sections in any portion of the catalog may be improved within the limitation of approved policy. Statements quoted directly from approved policies will be changed by amendment of the original policy – not by editorial change. Additional statements may be added to help interpret and improve the readability.

Revision History

January 1994; July 1995