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Request To Initiate New Or Expanded Instructional Programs (Policy 4040)

University Policy 4040

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Effective Date

July 1978

Last Revision Date

July 1995

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all new or expanded instructional program requests.

Additional Authority

Idaho State Board of Education Policy, Section III.G.

1. Policy Purpose

To provide the procedure by which new or expanded programs are developed and approved.

2. Responsibilities and Procedures

2.1 State Board of Education Requirements

The State Board of Education requires a two-step process: (1) the preparation and submission of a notice of intent (abstract) and (2) the preparation and submission of a detailed proposal for each new or expanded program. New or expanded programs are defined as any curricular offering leading to a certificate, minor without major, major, or degree not previously offered by the institution.

The following details the areas of analysis which must be included:

a. Program description abstract, with attention being directed to need and justification.

b. Relationship to the role and mission upon the institution’s administrative structure and potential involvement of other divisions.

c. Effect of the proposed program upon the institution’s administrative structure and potential involvement of other divisions.

d. A description of similar programs offered in Idaho, the Pacific Northwest and states bordering Idaho.

e. Names of accrediting agencies and societies which would deal with particular issues.

f. Outline of proposed curriculum courses and credit hours by semester.

g. New courses needed to be added to the curriculum.

h. Existing courses presently included in curriculums which will apply to the proposed program.

i. Plans for expansion of the curriculum during the first three years.

j. Enrollment sources, expected enrollment and future trends.

k. Budget detail information and anticipated revenues.

Revision History

July 1995