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Student Evaluation Of Faculty (Policy 4300)

University Policy 4300

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Effective Date

July 1986

Last Revision Date

February 2016

Responsible Party

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all student evaluations of instruction.

Additional Authority

University Policy 4290 (Annual Faculty Evaluation)

University Policy 4340 (Faculty Tenure and Promotion Guidelines)

1. Policy Purpose

To establish a time and method for student evaluation of instruction.

2. Policy Statement

Student feedback on the quality of instruction is a valuable tool in ensuring that the university is fulfilling its primary educational mission. This policy guides the administration of surveys that give students an opportunity to provide such feedback.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 Guidelines

3.1.1 Administration of Student Surveys of Instruction

a. Instruction shall be evaluated by students enrolled in their respective courses.

b. The instruction of courses, including those taught by adjunct faculty and graduate assistants, will be evaluated by students in every section of every course, in every semester, and in summer.

c. Students will be able to participate confidentially through an on-line system.

d. Exceptions to confidentiality – In the event of a University investigation and in compliance with relevant laws, the Provost may determine that the student evaluator’s name may be revealed to the relevant parties.

e. In the event of any questionable circumstances involving student surveys of instruction, the evaluation process will be reviewed and resolved by the Provost.

3.1.2 Use of Information Resulting from Surveys

a. One key purpose of student evaluations is to assist individual faculty in improving their teaching performance.

b. A second key purpose of student evaluations is to provide information to assist in the evaluation of faculty members. Survey results should be kept on file with the department chair/head or program director, and dean. These ratings, opinions, and comments when relevant will be considered as part of the promotion and tenure process, as well as ongoing annual faculty evaluations.

4. Related Information

  • University Policy 4220 (Adjunct Faculty)
  • University Policy 4250 (Lecturer Faculty)

Revision History

February 1999; January 2008; February 2016