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Telephone Services (Policy 8090)

University Policy 8090

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Effective Date

July 1995

Last Revision Date

January 2016

Responsible Party

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, (208) 426-1200
Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, (208) 426-3033
Office of Information Technology, (208) 426-4357

Scope and Audience

This policy applies to all members of the Boise State University community, and users of University telephone services.

Additional Authority

  • Communications Act of 1934 (amended)
  • The Electronic Communication Privacy Act

1. Policy Purpose

To establish policy for University telecommunication services.

2. Policy Statement

Boise State University provides Telephone Services based on cost-effective practices that comply with government rules and regulations. This policy guides decisions to ensure quality service to the University community in a cost-effective manner.

3. Responsibilities and Procedures

3.1 OIT Responsibilities

a. Manage Telephone Services and other telecommunications resources.

b. Negotiate Telephone Services contracts on behalf of the University, or by using University-administered funds that:

  • Comply with state statute as administered by the Idaho Department of Administration, and
  • Generally leverage State of Idaho purchasing contracts.

c. Centrally manage and administer all equipment and services under the direction of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

d. Maintain procurement, pricing, and end-user guides at OIT Telephone Services.

e. Provide monthly departmental bills for Telephone Services. Monthly charges for telephone devices in use by a department will include long distance and international calls incurred by the department.

3.2 Departments and End-User Responsibilities

Generally, employees must use University resources for work-related purposes.

a. Personal use of Telephone Services that do not incur additional charges may be permitted in moderation, subject to departmental guidelines, restrictions, and supervisor approval.

b. Department guidelines should reflect the employee’s first responsibility is to their work assignments and personal use may not result in additional costs to the University.

3.3 Policy Non-Compliance

Misuse of University Telephone Services may be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment. All users should be aware that misuse of Telephone Services could also result in criminal charges, convictions, or fines.

4. Related Information

OIT Telephone Services

Revision History

January 2016