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Pre-Physical Therapy

athletic training

The Pre-Physical Therapy Pathway is an advising tool to help students who have identified a desire to become a physical therapist. Advisors can assist you through major exploration, academic admission requirements for chosen PT schools, and assistance in meeting non-academic requirements such as the GRE, observation, and identifying meaningful extra-curricular activities.

Students must earn a baccalaureate degree before being accepted into a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. As with medicine, physical therapy programs provide substantial latitude in the academic major selected at the bachelor’s level. While there are many majors to choose from, a degree in Health Studies from the Department of Public Health and Population Science is often appropriate for those who wish to work in health professions.

Physical therapy schools can differ significantly in their pre-professional requirements. Therefore, students interested in attending a physical therapy program should consult with an advisor, determine physical therapy programs of interest, and pattern their specific pre-professional curriculum in line with these schools.

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