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Additional Penalties

Violators of parking regulations, including those who avoid or neglect to pay outstanding parking fines, shall be subject to additional penalties including, but not limited to, the following measures.

Administrative Holds/Withdrawal

Per Boise State regulation 4102-D, students with unpaid parking tickets may be placed on Academic Hold and are subject to Administrative Withdrawal. Academic Hold will only be removed after all fees are paid in full.

Revocation/Reinstatement of Parking Privileges


Use of any motor vehicle on Boise State University campus is a privilege which is revocable for cause. Revocation may result for reasons stated throughout this document and for nonpayment of fines, misuse of permit or decal, acts of vandalism to facilities, continual violations, refusal to pay, or abusing Transportation & Parking Services staff.

All permits displayed on/in vehicles become invalid and will be confiscated when parking privileges are revoked. Any individual whose parking privileges have been revoked is not permitted to park any vehicle on the campus of Boise State University. Any vehicle, registered or unregistered, or recognized as being driven or owned by an individual whose parking privileges have been revoked will be impounded and/or towed on sight, at owner’s expense.


Reinstatement of parking privileges may be obtained by paying all parking fines. Reinstatement of parking privileges will not be granted, unless authorized by the Department Director, when the following is involved: 1) Acts of vandalism to facilities; 2) Abuse of Transportation & Parking Services staff; 3) When revocation occurs more than once during the course of any academic year.