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Citation Costs

Following is information about citation rates, fees, and escalations:

Citation Rates

Graduated Citation Penalty

Boise State University Transportation and Parking Services implemented a repeat citation structure beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year in an effort to uphold the value of registered permits on campus, to curb negligent or repeat errant behaviors, and reduce non-payment for parking citations.

The graduated citation model shown in the Citation Table allows for citation price increases based on the total number issued, as well as based on the offense.

Citation Table

Base Citation1st Citation2nd Citation3rd Citation4th Citation5th Citation6th+ Citation
$35 (permit, non-payment, or obstructive violations)$35$35$50$65$80$95
$50 (failure to comply, restrictive violations)$50$50$90$110$110$110

Late Charges

Citation penalties paid more than 30 days after the date issued are charged an additional $2.00.

Citation penalties not paid within 90 days after the date issued will be subject to revocation of Boise State University parking privileges. Continued vehicle parking on campus after privileges have been revoked can lead to vehicle impound regardless of active permit, passes or receipts for paid parking.

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