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Other Parking Options



Details about Other Parking Options

Hourly Parking

General Hourly Parking Information

  • Meters and Kiosks from $2.00 – $4.25 per hour, dependent upon time and location.
  • No Overnight Parking in any hourly location

Plaza West and East Lots

East side of the B: Portions of this lot are reserved for guests and visitors to the campus. Parking is limited in this location.

  • $4.25 per hour (Monday – Friday, and weekends)

West side of the B: This lot is open to the public and campus community.

  • $4.25 per hour during peak use times (7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m, Monday – Friday)
  • $2.00 per hour during non-peak use times (5:30 p.m. – 7 a.m. Monday – Friday, and weekends)


Lincoln Avenue Garage:

  • 0-2 hours – $3.00 per hour

  • 2-4 hours – $3.25 per hour

  • 4-6 hours – $3.50 per hour

  • 7+ hours – $3.75 per hour

  • Daily Rate – $25

Brady Street Garage:

  • 0-2 hours – $3.00 per hour

  • 2-4 hours – $3.25 per hour

  • 4-6 hours – $3.50 per hour

  • 7+ hours – $3.75 per hour

  • Daily Rate – $25

Pay by Phone

ParkMobile Logo

Simply download the mobile application in your App Store and you can immediately start using the system with your smartphone.

Register for ParkMobile

Parking meters and signs in the garages feature zone codes to use. For greater convenience, the signs have QR codes and NFC technology for ease in using the mobile application.

You can also receive text message alerts and reminders 15 minutes prior to your parking session expiring, enabling you to pay for additional parking time if your session allows.

Note that Parkmobile issues a convenience fee of $.35 per transaction to use this service.

Vendor/Contractor Permits

Vendor Permits

  • $200 each per year
  • Additional Vendor Permit: $100 each per year
    • Up to two additional permits can be added to the purchase of a full price permit
  • Or vendors may choose to pay monthly: $20 per month per permit

Vendor Permit Request

Contractor Permits

  • $150 per year
  • $15 per month

Contractor Permit Request

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycle permits are available for no additional charge with the purchase of a Reserve or Commuter permit. Full price list.

Brady and Lincoln Bike Barns

  • For bike barn permit purchase and more information, visit the Cycle Learning Center. Bring your bike to register it, as it will receive a parking sticker and its unique information will be input into the National Registry.

University Vehicles Issued to Individuals

  • Employee Reserve: Varies by Zone each per academic year
  • Employee Commuter: Varies by Zone each per academic year

Additional fees may be applicable, depending on the individual case.

  • Permit replacements: $5.00

Campus Media Permits

The Campus Media Permit Request Form is for those authorized News Outlets, to request vehicle access to campus to support media relations with Boise State University.

Campus Media Permit Request Form

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