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Vehicle Accident Protocols

For any accident call 911.

SEEK MEDICAL assistance for any injured parties at the accident scene.

CONTACT AND NOTIFY law enforcement and your supervisor. (Do not exceed 24 hours)

DO NOT COMMENT or make any statements about who is at fault for the accident. After the investigation, law enforcement will make the final decision about liability.

EXCHANGE INSURANCE and contact information with the other party – you can find the accident reporting form and the vehicle insurance in the glove box. Provide the Certificate of Financial Responsibility to the other party.

If possible take pictures of the accident scene to include other vehicle and their license plates; your vehicle and the surrounding area environment.

During normal business hours (8am-5pm) notify Boise State Fleet Management Services and Risk Management of the incident.

After hours and weekends please contact University Security to report the accident and to receive follow up instructions. (208) 426-6911

An Auto Claim Report must be submitted to Boise State Risk Management within 48 hours of the incident.

ALWAYS know that the vehicle can be retrieved at a later date. The very first priority is to ensure personal safety and care. If an employee is injured, please complete a Supervisor Accident Report within 24 hours.