WEX Fuel


Why use WEX Fuel Cards

Using WEX fuel cards will save your department up to 6% in fuel costs.

Card declined at the pump

What do I do if my WEX fuel card declined at the pump?

Make sure you are using the correct PIN. If the fuel card(s) still will not work prepay inside. If you are still unable to purchase fuel you have two options:

  1. You may contact WEX Fuel Management at (208) 803-4812 or Fleet Management at (208) 426-3592.
  2. Or you may pay with personal funds and you will be reimbursed.

Odometer Readings

Do I have to enter in the correct odometer reading at the pump?

Yes, this is imperative for record keeping and to prove fuel transactions are acceptable.

Generic PINs

Can I create generic PINs for my staff e.g. driver #1, driver #2, and driver #3?

No. Generic PINs do not allow anyone to know who is purchasing the fuel.

Designated Equipment Card

Can I use a designated equipment card to fuel a vehicle or vice versa?

No. Equipment cards must be used to fuel equipment and vehicle cards must be used to fuel vehicles.


How long do I need to keep hard copy fuel receipts?

It is good practice to keep hard copy fuel receipts for one year and then have the receipt scanned and archived should you ever need it for a fuel audit.

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