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Walking Directions

  1. After exiting the Rec Center main entrance, walk forward a few yards and then turn left.
  2. After walking for several yards, there will be a staircase.
  3. Walk down the staircase and turn right.
  4. Follow the bottom step until you find where the steps create a corner near the large, red, metal statue.
  5. Walk away from the steps, in the direction the corner points. 
  6. You will reach a location where the sidewalk slopes slightly down to allow bike and foot traffic. If you reach the curb instead, move slightly to the left until you find this change in the concrete.
  7. Once here, pause. This is a crosswalk and you will need to be sure to cross safely. Ask for help if needed as there is no traffic signal.
  8. Cross West University Drive going North. 
  9. Once across the street, turn left and follow the sidewalk to the next crossing area. Again, be sure to be careful here. There are no traffic signals to alert drivers.  
  10. Cross Bronco Lane going West. 
  11. Once across the street, continue to follow the sidewalk moving West.  
  12. Move to the right side of the sidewalk. There will be a large bolder on the right followed by a large, blue pole.

You found your first blue light!


Here is your next riddle.

Everyone has it. 

Those who have it least don’t know

That they have it. 

Those who have it most wish they had less of it, 

But not too little or none at all.