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Walking Directions

  1. Face the pole, with the boulder directly to your right. 
  2. Turn right and walk forward for several feet. 
  3. Turn left, and start moving North again. 
  4. This is a wide sidewalk, with several areas dedicated to planters. Find your way to the right of the center plant area and continue North for approximately 300 feet. 
  5. If you hit steps, turn right, following the edge where the concrete meets the dirt. Once you hit concrete again, turn left and continue moving North. 
  6. Follow the sidewalk North. There are several benches, trashcans, and art installations along the way. Use Caution. 
  7. Once you hit grass, turn slightly to the left, going Northwest. Follow the line where the concrete meets grass for approximately 500 feet. 
  8. The grass will end but continue forward until you find the next area of grass. 
  9. Once here, turn slightly left and follow the line where the concrete meets the grass. This line will turn to the right but stop at the corner. 
  10.  Continue forward, moving West, towards the patio of concrete. There will be several metal picnic tables in this area. Go to the left side of these tables and continue West. 
  11. You will reach an entryway with two sets of glass, double doors. You can now enter the Student Union Building. 
  12. Once inside, walk forward several feet and then turn left. Several yards down the hall you will find a large desk to the right. This is the information desk. 


Here is your task.

First introduce yourself to the Information Desk and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, how do you show your Bronco Pride?