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Math Education Learning Communities

MEL Communities

Spaces for educators to explore an important contemporary topic in mathematics education. Includes reading, facilitated discussions, and reflection on the topic.

SIC Math Collaborative

A “DMA-like” PD experience focusing on students’ understanding of focus content and how teachers can use assessment to inform instruction.

Grade 6 Website   Grade 7 Website

Unit Analysis Study

Teachers use resources to unpack the standards and analyze the curricular materials (units, lessons, and assessments) for alignment and coherence.

Supporting Productive Struggle

Teachers work together to learn about the important role of productive struggle in effective math teaching, and how to support students with opportunities and engagement.

Using Assessment System to Improve Instruction

Teachers are using interim assessments to analyze system level performance and student thinking to inform and improve instruction.

Rolling Opportunities

Starting a MEL Community

If you and your colleagues would benefit from free facilitation of a math education focused professional-learning community, please don’t hesitate to reach out the RMC to learn more about setting-up a MEL Community.

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