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Math Education Learning Communities

MEL Communities

Spaces for educators to explore an important contemporary topic in mathematics education. Includes reading, facilitated discussions, and reflection on the topic.

Formative Assessment Cycle Teams

  • Payette School District Curriculum Team
  • Facilitated by Giselle Isbell (email, Regional Math Specialist

Teachers plan instruction to address students’ needs based on student performance on tasks and analysis of student thinking in relation to the addition and subtraction learning progression.

Principles to Actions Study

  • The Village Charter School
  • Facilitated by Christa Carver (email, Regional Math Specialist

Teachers engage in studying the mathematical teaching practices set forth in Principles to Actions and collaboratively work to improve the implementation of the practices in their instruction.

Rolling Opportunities

Starting a MEL Community

If you and your colleagues would benefit from free facilitation of a math education focused professional-learning community, please don’t hesitate to reach out the RMC to learn more about setting-up a MEL Community.

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Existing MEL Communities

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