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Plan for Service-Learning

Interested in Participating with the Service-Learning Program?

Here’s how to get started:


1. Visit these pages to learn what it means to partner with Service-Learning:

2. Complete the New Community Partner Inquiry Form.

3. A Service-Learning staff member will follow up with you to discuss your organization’s needs and potential course partnerships.


  1. Brainstorm a project idea, with some detail, for potential students.
    (View examples of current projects.)
  2. Read through the Resource Toolkit
  3. Participate in a project development meeting: preferably between you, a potential faculty partner, and Service-Learning staff at your site.
    Review the Connect with Faculty section to find discussion topics.
  4. Review the semester timeline for assistance in planning orientation dates and the structure of your service project.
  5. Plan for your student orientation by creating or revising your training materials.  (View an Orientation Checklist and find helpful templates.)
  6. Review these 10 Tips for Service-Learning Success.
  7. Know the Boise State University Risk Management guidelines.


  1. Build or adapt orientation/training materials for students.
    The Resource Toolkit provides templates for this purpose.
  2. Be prepared to monitor student progress and to help students connect to their learning objectives. 
    Review the Check-In with Students section to find examples of questions you can use to do this.
  3. Recognize the importance of the evaluation process in service-learning success.
    Faculty decide each semester if they would like community partners to evaluate their students.
    Your agency is welcome to request that students evaluate their experience as well. Call 426-1004 for information.
SL student as exhibit guide for the Discover Center of Idaho
SL students act as exhibit guides for the Discovery Center of Idaho

A clear, well thought out service-learning project description outlining tasks, responsibilities, and required skills must be part of the agency’s strategic plan for the success of the partnership. A needs assessment with key staff is a great place to start and will allow you to more effectively and creatively utilize service-learners with the framework of your agency. Positions that carry some degree of responsibility and involve client contact are ideal.

– Are there tasks that you and your staff are now doing that could be divided up for one or several students?
– Is there a project that you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time to organize?

Often times, getting started is the hardest part.
Begin with one or two simple projects with no more than 5 students then build on your experiences. Keep it fun!

For immediate questions, contact Mike Stefancic Assistant Director of Community Partnership in the Service-Learning office, at 208-426-5631 or at