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Examples & Snapshots

One of the greatest aspects of SL is its flexibility in form and substance. SL can be applied to almost any subject or class style. Below are just a few examples of how SL has been incorporated into different classes and projects.

General Examples:

  • Child Psychology: Students tutor children at Headstart.
  • Chemistry: Students test ponds for West Nile Virus.
  • Communication: Students design a P.R. campaign for the Housing Authority.
  • Personal Health: Students help youth learn nutrition guidelines.

Course Examples

Watch brief videos of Boise State faculty discussing SL in these courses:

  • BIO 100 Concepts of Biology
  • ENGL 345 Shakespeare: Tragedies & History
  • ENGL 512 Technical Rhetoric & Applications
  • KINES 140 Personal Health

Read about specific SL courses that were highlighted in the Campus Update

Syllabi Bank

View other examples of SL courses and projects.

Look Deeper

  • Six Types of SL:   Review these six to see if one fits better with a discipline or course.
  • Formats: SL can be fully-integrated, optional, or offered as a one-credit SL Lab
  • Indirect vs. Direct SL:  Some learning objectives fit with indirect (project-based SL) while others fit with direct client contact. Check out this list of examples.