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Monitor Progress

Service-learning experiences involve many factors, some which are beyond your control. It’s wise to deliberately check in with both students and community partners… at least every few weeks.


  1. Provide a timeline.  Students need benchmarks for contacting the agency, meeting with supervisors, signing agreements, beginning and completing the service.
  2. Have a back-up plan for students who miss/ignore orientations, start dates, and other deadlines. Some faculty state that students who miss key deadlines forfeit their opportunity to do SL and instead must write a paper. Sometimes the time delays are due to agency constraints; SL staff can help students work through these challenges.
  3. Contact the community partner(s) at least once mid-semester to exchange feedback and, if possible, visit the service site(s) to gain first-hand exposure to the experience.
  4. Assess student progress using a “five-minute check-in” or some other formative assessment.
    Recommended timeframe: Weeks six, nine, and eleven.
    See Suggested questions for a five-minute check-in.