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Service-Learning Designation Process

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To apply for SL designation, follow the steps below.

  1. Draft a SL Plan. Creating this plan helps you integrate all of the Service-Learning essential practices.
  2. Translate your SL plan into a SL assignment to share with students, or integrate your SL Plan into your syllabus, as appropriate.
  3. Send your SL Plan and SL assignment (or syllabus) to the Service-Learning Director (email

The SL Director will distribute your SL documents to the faculty review committee for feedback and approval. The reviewers use this SL Designation Approval Checklist. The SL faculty committee reviews applications on a rolling basis.

For “SL Labs” only, see far below.*

Benefits of SL Designation:

  • gives students a Service-Learning transcript distinction for your course
  • grants you access to full staff support
  • walks you through integrating the Service-Learning essential practices into your course
  • recognizes your efforts (you receive a thank you letter from the Provost)
  • helps your college and the university by documenting Boise State’s high levels of community engagement and experiential learning for institutional reporting and accreditation.

* Special designation process for “SL Labs” 

When a new one-credit SL course (SL Lab) is being created, the SL Director sends the instructor’s SL documents, along with the reviewers’ approval, to the department chair who will make a recommendation concerning whether the SL Lab should be created. The proposal will then be forwarded to the dean. The dean will make the final determination whether the new SL Lab should be created and receive Service-Learning designation.

– Approved by the Board of Education Fall 1998.