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Service-Learning Designation Process

SL Designation Form
SL Designation Reviewer Checklist


To apply for SL designation, send the following documents to the Service-Learning Director (

  • 1-2 page SL Designation form detailing how your class will meet each of the five SL components (see samples below, Step 1)
  • Current syllabus reflecting the Service-Learning pedagogy (see below, Step 2), referring to this SL Syllabus Review Checklist

The SL faculty committee will review applications on a rolling basis.

Step 1—Describe how you will integrate Service-Learning into your class

  •  Draft a 1-2 page proposal on this SL Designation form detailing how your class addresses each of the Five Components of Service-Learning.

Sample proposals:

COMM 351 – Intercultural Communication
PSYC 419- Multi-Cultural Perspectives on Children and Families
NONPROF 240 – Nonprofit Management
MSE 245 – Introduction to Material Science

Step 2—Prepare your syllabus

Prepare your syllabus drawing from your SL Designation form responses and SL syllabus components and samples.

Before finalizing your syllabus, scan this Syllabus Review Checklist.

Step 3—Submit your documentation for approval

  • Send your documentation to the Service-Learning Director who will distribute it to the faculty review committee for approval (email 426-2380)
  • See this link for a more detailed explanation of the approval process.

Step 4 (optional)—Consult with the SL staff for additional assistance

Consult with the Service-Learning staff about:

  • Collaborating with community organizations to co-design the SL experience and clarify expectations
  • Deciding what forms and agreements you will use with your students and community partners
  • Arranging for classroom support with the Service-Learning staff

Approval Process

The faculty member, with the consultation of the Service-Learning Director, develops a brief course proposal according to the outline. The Service-Learning Director and faculty from the SL Advisory Board review the proposal for consistency with national guidelines and philosophy of Service-Learning, and makes a recommendation for designation as a legitimate Service-Learning experience.

Every semester the SL Director sends the Registrar a list of designated SL courses. Registrar staff add a note to Broncoweb course records indicating the class includes Service-Learning. This note is reflected on student transcripts.

For SL Labs only: When a new one-credit course (SL Lab) is being created, the instructor’s proposal and the recommendation from the SL Director and faculty committee will be forwarded to the department chair who will make a recommendation concerning whether the course should receive Service-Learning designation. The proposal will then be forwarded to the dean. The dean will make the final determination whether the new course should be created and receive Service-Learning designation. This process is facilitated by the Service-Learning Director.

– Approved by the Board of Education Fall 1998.